Inserts are for the Laboratory Screwdriver and Torque Ratchet.

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W11.IRS.G10 – ISO-Shaft for S-, I-, and R-Series.  Hex 0.50″ (1.26mm).

W11.TH0.G20 – ISO-Shaft for T- and H-Series.  Hex 1.20mm.

W11.Y00.G30 – ISO-Shaft for Ankylos.  Hex 1.00mm.

W11.LN0.G40 – ISO-Shaft for L- and N-Series.  Torx T6.

W11.EFK.G50 – ISO-Shaft for E-, F-, and K-Series.  UG.

W11.005.G60 – ISO-Shaft for 2-Connect Base.  Primary.