MK1 Universal Dental Attachment


Dubbed the “easy solution attachment” for partial and full dentures on implants or regular teeth, the MK1 Universal Dental Attachment is a clear restorative choice.  Easy.  Clean.  Aesthetically attractive!
The MK1, an FDA approved attachment, is designed to achieve and balance the requirements of function, hygiene, and aesthetics in the oral environment.  The prosthesis is rigidly connected to natural abutments or implants using the frictionless positive locking MK1 Attachment.  The premilled female and milled lingual arm transfer chewing forces to the central axis of the abutment.  No negative friction is extended to the abutments when placing or removing the prosthesis.

Placement of the MK1 Attachment in relation to the gingiva can be adapted to meet the specific design requirements of each case.  The MK1 Attachment is made of CoCr alloy, or of Titanium alternatively, to assure good periodontal hygiene, aesthetics, and strong functional qualities.  Since the attachment is frictionless, there is no wear on the moving parts of the MK1.  The modular and simple design of the MK1 permits the seamless exchange of the elements.
The MK1 Attachment can be adapted to almost all dental prostheses:  unilateral, partial dentures, over-dentures, root cap anchors, bridges and fixed-removable implant restorations.  In an implant reconstruction case, the loss of soft and hard tissue, the position and alignment of implants, and the number of implants often make it difficult to cement or screw retain an aesthetically pleasing and functional restoration. Maintaining access to good oral hygiene also increases in difficulty, but there is an answer.  The MK1 is the “easy solution attachment” to make your restoration goals possible.


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